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Fast Thermal Sensors
Anritsu’s thermal sensors provide excellent power measurement accuracy over 50dB of dynamic range with more speed than any other thermal sensor available. Thermal sensors use Seebeck elements where the combined effect of a thermal gradient and charge migration between dissimilar metals gives a true reading of average power on any incident waveform. Anritsu thermal sensors have class leading SWR and built in EEPROM with calibration factor and linearity correction data. This results in assured accuracy when measuring any signal. Anritsu’s fast thermal power sensors improve sensor rise time and fall time to less than 4.0ms- an order of magnitude faster than previous thermal sensors. Settled power measurements are now 10 times faster, that means reduced test time.

Standard Diode Sensors
Diode sensors have greater speed, sensitivity and dynamic range than thermal sensors. All Anritsu diode sensors use a dual diode architecture that gives improved sensitivity and dynamic range over single diode architectures. The MA2470A Series Power Sensors 90 dB dynamic range is both fast and accurate. Linearity is better than 1.8%, typically < 1.0% through 18 GHz. The ML2400A Series Power Meters allow test engineers to adjust low-level averaging controls for optimization of GPIB speed, sensor settling, and noise reduction - allowing the industry’s fastest -70 dBm settling time. MA2470A power sensors offer an ideal combination of speed and dynamic range for general purpose power measurements. A single sensor replaces the two sensors that were
previously required with sensors limited to 50dB dynamic range.

High Accuracy Diode Sensors
The Anritsu MA2440A series high accuracy diode sensors have a built in 3 dB attenuator to minimize input SWR. They are used where the best measurement accuracy is required over a large dynamic range, for example when measuring amplifiers. High accuracy diode sensors have a dynamic range of 87 dB compared to the 90 dB of standard diode sensors.

Frequency Range:
100 kHz to 50 GHz (Sensor dependant)
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