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The Site Master is a handheld cable and antenna analyzer designed for installers, contractors, and wireless service providers who need a portable and rugged cable and antenna analyzer.

It is designed for measuring Return Loss, VSWR, Cable Loss, of cable and antenna systems from 25 MHz to 4 GHz. Integrated Distance-To-Fault measurement can be used to locate the precise location of a fault within the feedline system.

The Site Master is capable of up to 1.5 hours of continuous operation from a fully chared field-replaceble battery and can be operated from a 12.5 V dc soucer. Built-in energy conservation features can be used to extend the battery life.

A strandard 640*480 color TFT disply provide graphic indications of various measurements. The displayed trace can be scaled or enhanced with frequency markers and limit lines. A menu option provides for an audible beep when the limit value is exceeded.

Frequency Range:
25 MHz to 4000 MHz
Frequency Accuracy:
= ± 50 ppm @ +25°C
Frequency Resolution:
1kHz (CW On)
100 kHz (CW Off)
Output Power:
0 dBm (typical)
Immunity to interfering Signals:
on-channel +17 dBm on-frequency -5 dBm
Measurement speed:
=2.5 msec / data point (CW on)
Number of data points:
130 or 259 or 517

Retuern Loss
0,00 to 65,00

1,00 to 65,00

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