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R3265A Series offers a large–sized CRT screen in a portable unit and a wide frequency range, allowing meas-urements from 100 Hz to 8 GHz in a single sweep. Due to a newly developed high purity synthesizer, the series also pro-vides excellent spectral purity of –110 dBc/Hz at 2.6 GHz (10 kHz offset frequency).

This unit performs especially well in measuring the spurious emission intensity of new mobile communications equipment, the bandwidth of occupied frequencies and signal leakage from adjacent channels. In the low–noise mode, the series has a high-input sensitivity of –145 dBm (1 MHz to 3.6 GHz), so it can easily measure low level signals.

The R3265A Series is provided with a BASIC controller as a standard feature. This feature allows measured data or set conditions to be stored and the free construction of automatic measurement systems without the need for external control-lers.

A preselector for low frequencies has been added to the R3265A, enabling the unit to realize a dynamic range of 100 dB and higher for carrier waves of 250 MHz and higher. The R3365A has a built–in tracking generator and is ideal for measuring frequency characteristics when setting up or main-taining digital radio base stations.
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