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The Site Master must first be set into remote mode for communication with a computer. Remote mode difers from normal repetitive sweep and single-sweep modes. During remote mode, the Site Master suspends normal operations and attends to the serial port. The front panel display indicates when the Site Master is in remote mode.

Once in remote mode, you send a series of control bytes and associated data to the Site Master. These control byte sequences command the Site Master to perform various functions and activities. The serial port supports virtually all features accessible from the keypad. The only exception is the printer, whichrequires connections the same 9 pin connector on the Site Master rear panel.

To complete the communication session, send the control byte to exitremote mode. Site Master resumes normal operations. You may also exit theremote mode by using the ESCAPE/CLEAR key.

Interface Cable Installation
The site Master is a DTE type e serial device. Communication between the Site Master and a PC is accomplished over a null modem serial cable provided with the Site Master. Connect the cable to the Serial Interface connector on the Site Master Test Connect Panel and to the appropriate COM port connector on the PC.

Serial Communication Parameters
The Site Master begins communication at 9600 bps when first powered on. It uses no parity bits, 8 data bits, and 1 stop bit(N-8-1). No handware handshasking is used. The Set Baud Rate Control Byte#197(C5h) serial command can be used to change the baud rate to 19.200, 38.400, 56.000 or 115.200. An invalid setting retunrs the rate to 9600.

Communications Error Checking
Since there is no hardware handshaking, byte level error handling must be done by the controlling program. Used the expected number of response bytes(listed in the control byte description section of this manual) when waiting for feedback from the Site Master. For data streams going to the Site Master, the watch dog timer protects against interrupted transmissions by aborting a control byte sequence if the inter-byte time limit is exceeded.

Parameter Validation
The Site Master validates input parameters for each control byte sequence. If the input parameters are out of range or invalid, the Site Master notificaties the computer by sending Parameter Error Byte #224 (E0h). The Site Master discards the recidived data and waits for the next control byte.

Entering Remote Mode
Send the  Enter Remote Mode Byte #69 (45h) to the Site Master to enter remote mode at the end of the current sweep. Send the Enter Remote Mode Immediately byte #70 (46h) to enter remote mode in the middle of a sweep.
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