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The two-station Cadex C7200 suits smaller organizations and storefront operations. 40 watts of charge power at 4 amps per station ensure quick service of larger batteries. This economical analyzer offers similar features to the larger C7400.

• Battery voltage range 1.2 to 15V
• Charge/discharge current up to 4A per station
• Maximum charge power 40 watts per station
• Maximum discharge power 35 watts

The Cadex C7x00 Series battery analyzers are more than programmable power supplies to charge and discharge batteries; they assess the condition of a battery and provide intelligence to safely service them. Protected algorithms with redundant safety features identify a faulty battery and terminate the service with message when so needed.

The green light on the charger does not reflect battery performance. “Ready” simply indicates that the battery is fully charged.

A battery should be replaced when the capacity s to 70-80%. Most users are unaware of capacity fade until an unforeseen power loss occurs.  Nor should a battery be replaced too soon. The Cadex C7x00 Series battery analyzer enables to keep batteries for their optimal life span.
Ready Light

The C7x00 analyzer test batteries by a discharge/charge cycles or a rapid-test function. A full cycle is the most reliable method but it is not practical for large batteries. Rapid-testing is not available for all batteries.
C7x00 Keypad

Reactivating lithium-ion batteries*
Li-ion packs often fail due to over-discharge. At about 2.8V/cell, the protection circuit opens and the battery appears dead. Boost activates the circuit and brings the pack back to life. The service lasts a few minutes, but the battery should be full charged.

* Of 294 returned batteries, 91% reached 80% and higher capacities; 30% needed Boost

Reactivating Lithium-ion Batteries

The 30-second Rapid-test
QuickSort™ classifies single Li-ion cell of up to 1500mAh into Good, Low and Poor. Capacity is the leading health indicator; and Cadex’s proprietary electrochemical dynamic response method achieves a sort accuracy of 90-95%. Reading internal resistance to estimate battery health is no longer reliable; modern Li-ion keeps low resistance.

Tests battery with 40% and higher charge
Enables charging if the battery has less than the needed  charge level
Capacity versus Number of Cycles versus Resistance

Target Capacity sets battery pass/fail
The target setting allows customizing performance needs to ensure adequate capacity levels for all fleet batteries. If below target, the Auto program reconditions a nickel-based battery with a deep discharge. Recondition reverses the “memory” effect.

• 90%: Maintains batteries for critical use. Fewer batteries will pass.
• 80%: Recommended (default) setting.
• 70%: For less stringent applications. More batteries will pass.
Target Capacity sets battery pass/fail

The C7x00 captures the battery parameters in a unique C-code that is stored in the battery adapter. Each adapter holds 10 C-codes that you can edit. You can also compose your own: The Basic C-code contains the rudimentary information; the Extended C-code revert to default setting unless changed manually.

Custom programs
The Custom programs turns the C7x000 into a laboratory instrument by allowing user-defined settings of charge, discharge, recondition, wait and repeat. You can set conditional gates that proceed on a different course if certain criteria are not met.
Custom Programs

Lifecycle test
This program assists in the selection of battery models and performs incoming inspection. The C7x00 analyzer also offers dynamic stress tests to examine batteries under different load levels. The programs are automated; PC-BatteryShopâ„¢ plots and stores the test results.
Lifecycle Test

Security safeguards against tampering
Password protection prevents unauthorized changes of settings. Level 1 allows minor changes and Level 2 inhibits most programming.
Security safeguards against tampering

Service Programs
Automated programs support all your battery needs and the 18 available service programs are grouped below into Basic, Advanced and Custom. Basic Programs:
• Auto - Exercises the batteries and applies Recondition if the user-set target capacity cannot be reached
• Charge - Applies a fast charge only
• Prime - Prepares batteries for field use by repeated cycling until the maximum capacity is reached
• QuickSortâ„¢ - Sorts lithium-ion packs into Good, Low and Poor in 30 seconds

Advanced Programs
• Self-Discharge - Determines the rate at which a battery loses charge
• Life Cycle - Counts number of charge/discharge cycles before the battery capacity s to selected target level
• Discharge Only - Discharges battery for storage; tests chargers
• Extended Prime - Applies a 16-hour trickle charge, followed by Prime. Prepares difficult to charge batteries
• OhmTest - Measures internal battery resistance in 6 seconds
• Runtime - Simulates field application with three adjustable load currents and time intervals
• Boost - Reactivates seemingly dead batteries that have been discharged too low
• QuickTestâ„¢ - Provides battery state-of-health in 3 minutes. Needs specific battery matrix
• Q-Learn - Provides initial QuickTestâ„¢ matrix by scanning a good battery. Service time is 3-5 minutes
• Learn - Improves QuickTestâ„¢ matrix by scanning batteries with different state-of-health status. Service time is 3-8 hours per battery

Custom programs
Four separate Custom programs allow user-defined programs composed of charge, discharge, recondition, wait and repeats. The programs follow a different path if a certain condition occurs.

No system is complete without well-designed software. PC-BatteryShopâ„¢ enhances the Cadex C7x000 Series battery analyzers by being able to observe voltage, current and temperature in real-time graphics. Advance the Cadex analyzer into a true workhorse.

Moving the controls to the PC

PC-BatteryShopâ„¢ provides a simple, yet powerful PC-interface to control and monitor Cadex C7x00 Series battery analyzers. The dabase holds over 3,000 batteries and a mouse click or bar code swipe configures analyzer. The battery library can be edited or downloaded from our Product Support section.

PC-BatteryShopâ„¢ operates 32 Cadex C7x00 Series analyzers for service of 128 batteries. Voltage, current and temperature information is shown in real time graphics.
BatteryShop Software

Maintaining fleet batteries
PC-BatteryShopâ„¢ simplifies fleet service by attaching a permanent ID number to each battery. The label printer generates the labels in bar code. To service a battery, simply scan the label and insert the battery. PC-BatteryShopâ„¢ configures the analyzer and displays the battery history that includes age and past service reports.
Maintaining fleet batteries

Useless Batteries made Valuable
Warranty batteries, and those that had been returned, no longer need to be discarded. Studies show that 90% of returned mobile phone batteries can be restored with Cadex battery analyzers. The QuickSortâ„¢ program provides a clear assessment of the battery condition in 30 seconds.

Maintaining consistent quality in battery manufacturing

With PC-BatteryShopâ„¢, the PC becomes the command center from which to enter parameters and program sequences. You can customize charge terminations, fine-tune the end-of-discharge thresholds, and observe voltage, current and temperature in real-time graphics on the PC monitor. Cadex analyzers will test batteries at a fraction of cost to competitive systems.

Independent Stations      

Battery voltage range         
1.2 to 15V   
Charge/discharge current    
100mA to 4A in 25mA increments
If current is set above 4A (6A), unit automatically scales down to stay within range. Services up to 24Ah batteries.
Maximum charge power    
55W per station; 80W total    
Maximum discharge power     
35W per station; 140W total 
Power management    
Batteries on a fully loaded system may go on waiting queue. Will resume when demand moderates.
Line voltages
100 to 240VAC, 50-60Hz 1.75A max

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