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The 2955B Radio Communications Test set combines all the instruments required for transceiver testing within a single unit. Disigned for bench and mobile field service applications in maintenance workshop, the instrument is lightweight, portable and may be operated from all standard AC supplies, or vihecle supplies. Comprehensive facilities are provided for testing all types of AM, FM and ØM mobile radio equipment, including low-power hand portables and mobiles using selective calling, full duple radio telephones, digital pocket pagers, base station and repearter equipment.

Major users include mobile radio manufacturers, providers of mobile radio telephone networks, service maintenance workshops, commercial and public sercice organisations, and the military.

Coprehensive measurements
The 2955B comprises 19 instrument functions for transceiver testing: RF power meter, RF frequency meter, modulation meter, RF siganl generator, dual AF voltmeter, 1 kHz AF distortion meter, S/N and SINAD meter, sequential tones encoder/decoder, DTMF encoder/decoder digitally coded squelch (DCS) encoder/decoder, POCSAG digital pager encoder and digital oscilloscope. This comprehensive instrument also functions well as a low-cost ATE system, or as a set of general-purpose or laboratory use.

With option 001 the 2955B provides a sensitive, selective input for measurement of signals as low as 1µV.

Simple Set-up
Operation of the set is by keys, which configure the instrument functions to test either a transmitter and receiver together in full duplex mode, or independently for simplex or semi-duplex operation. A large CRT dislay provides the operator with all geneted and measured information relating to a particular test, and a direct indication of controls in use. Setting up the instrument for a particular test involves selection of the appropriate colour identified keys in a logical left-to-ringht sequence. AS the operatior selects the requered keys, the screen indicates the test mode selected and highlights the function accessed in reverse video. This informs the operator which frequency or level parameter is then available for control.

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